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Aida Dismondy


is an American trained attorney and counselor at law licensed to practice in the State of Michigan. She is also an entrepreneur, mother and wife who decided to build her own company with this one goal in mind: create a better way to deliver legal services so small defense contractors and small business owners remain sustainable. 

The company was build out of her experience working for a national non-profit organization and as in-house counsel. This experience informed Aida of the vulnerabilities small businesses may experience while growing, especially if they operate in the government contracting space. 

Vulnerabilities lead to crisis and crisis lead to many operational disruptions. These create other crisis that demand time, financial and human resources, plus the psychological demands of these disruptions.  Dealing with crisis comes at high cost for small businesses. One can choose to act proactively to reduce the risk of crisis and disruptions, or one can wait and be in the mode of putting out fires consistently. 

Aida knows that a lot of business owners invest in being proactive to address the many problems a a company has. With that in mind as well as combining her experience, insights, and skills working with business owners and intimately aware of the challenges they face, Aida formed her company to create a better way how small business owners receive services.


She designed the role of outside general counsel to create the efficiencies business owners want to be focused leaders, to grow and protect their company. egal service solutions that effectively and efficiently support small business owners to be effective and focused leaders and improve their business while protecting their reputation and the reputation of their company. 

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