Business Agreements/Contracts

It is better that you should not vow than that you vow and not pay - Ecclesiastes 5:5

Albex Law assists with your contractual needs by reviewing, drafting, advice, and counsel on the specific contractual and business issues.  


Agreements must be drafted and reviewed carefully to satisfy the purpose for which they are intended. Agreements outline obligations, what each must do to perform and avoid a loss that results from a breach of contract. Each transaction is different. 


The review, understanding performance ( obligations ), negotiating and drafting are vital to a good business practice. Whether it is a confidentiality agreement, a subcontractor agreement, a teaming agreement, a joint venture, partnership, purchase order or supplier agreement, a company is well served to understand what its obligations are to perform the contract, to understand if it's getting what it bargained for, and understand what it stands to face in case it does not perform. 


Albex Law works efficiently and cost effectively with clients to also help with contract management.