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On Demand Legal Counsel

Complex issues (business and legal) are faced not only by larger companies but also by small businesses. Unlike larger companies, many growing businesses lack in-house counsel to assist and advise on the specific issues.  As a company, we offer cost-effective solutions and provide the advantages of in-house by being engaged as a part-time counsel, or on an on-call basis. 

  • Drafting and reviewing non-competes

  • Drafting and reviewing non-disclosures(NDA)

  • Independent contractor agreements

  •  Review of Subcontractor agreements

  • Review of Teaming Agreements

  • Review of Joint venture agreements

  • Review of Partnership Agreements

  • Draft and Review of Service Agreements 

  • Draft and review of Release

  • Review of Promissory notes

  • Draft and review of settlement agreements

  • Review of Lease agreements

  • Draft and Review of Equipment lease agreements  

  • ​Risk mitigation at the outset 

  • Selecting the right business entity (LLC, Corporations (C- or S-Corp) etc.) 

  • Limiting personal liability
  • Business name registration
  • General counseling on business related issues
  • Advise and structuring of W/MBE. 
  • Business planning, marketing, vetting etc.