General Counsel 

Our Core Areas : Crisis Management, Compliance, Contracts, Investigations, and Litigation Support.   See below for our service details. 

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Our Core areas : Crisis Management, Compliance, Contracts, Investigations, and Litigation Support.  


- Review commercial contracts, and other agreements.

- Review confidentiality and non - disclosure agreements.

- Commercial contract revisions.  

- Review subcontracts and teaming agreements.

- General advice on contracting with the federal government.

- Enhance contracts to alert your business partners and suppliers on U.S. legal and ethical requirements. 


Federal Contracting Compliance.

- Risk assessment, policy development and implementation.

- Monitor pending legislation and regulation and advise on their impact and how to be in compliance. 

- Ethics and Corporate Compliance. 

Litigation Support: 

- Litigation management and support. 

- Help clients with attorney selection for specialized areas.  

- Solve disputes with vendors before they become a lawsuit.


- Internal and Government Investigations

- Help Clients manage the effects and side effects of a government investigation (the ensued crisis, communicate with the executive team, manage business relationships, coordinate and organize the work that needs to be done in any parallel litigation that ensues) 

- Provide insight on the scope of  the problem 

- Provide an assessment of the potential outcome of the matter 

- Identify the law at issue 

- Issue Litigation Hold

- Develop and document an investigative plan 

- Make recommendations on executing next steps in the process

- Coordinate and communicate with defense counsel, as needed 

- Interact with government officials, prosecutors where needed, investigators and other      personnel involved. 

* Don't miss out on the benefit of our knowledge: 

- Supply chain strategies 

- Ethical supply chain mandates and requirements to comply with U.S. laws and regulations. 

- Trade and Export 

- Counsel on export controls

- Conduct Internal Investigations 

- Voluntary Disclosures 

- Third party due diligence program 

- Develop policies and procedures to mitigate the risk of export control violations

- Anti - Corruption Compliance 

- Anti- Corruption Counseling 

- Third Party Due Diligence 

- Risk Assessments