As a trusted advisor let me put my experience to work for you

  • Selecting the right business entity (LLC, Corporations (C- or S-Corp) etc.) 

  • Limiting personal liability
  • Governance documents
    • Preparing and analyzing Bylaws
    • Preparing Operating Agreements
    • Drafting Shareholder Agreements
    • Drafting Buy-sell Agreements
    • Resolutions and meeting minutes
    • Review of existing of existing corporate governance documents to identify risks
  • General counseling on business related issues
  • Advise and structuring of W/MBE. 

In-house counsels are key business advisors to companies. Small and midsize businesses cannot always afford to have in-house counsel. Aida works with clients to provide services on demand and at a fraction of the cost of larger firms. Call her today! 

  • Drafting and reviewing contracts

  • Drafting and reviewing non-competes

  • Drafting and reviewing non-disclosures(NDA)

  • Independent contractor agreements

  •  Subcontractor agreements

  • Teaming agreements

  • Joint venture agreements

  • Partnership agreements

  • Service Agreement 

  • Release

  • Purchase agreement

  • Promissory note

  • Draft and review of settlement agreements

  • Lease agreements

  • Equipment lease agreements