Stepping into the Unknown

Engaged and Present

Our decision to start a business springs from the passion lingering within to change the status quo, to do something different, better. It is an endeavor with many uncertainties, yet, despite being faced with the unknown we take on the step to give shape to our vision.

As many of you reading these lines, I took the step to venture on my own. The idea to start came after a lot of contemplation, of answering to my "what ifs" of thinking about the "naysayers" and all the other thoughts and pondering that come with making major life decisions.

The idea to start was looming largely in my mind until I said it out loud. Some supported me, especially my family, but then there were also looks of incredulity were met among my interlocutors. Once announced there was another thought that came in:"Have I lost my mind? I am trading security for an idea, while I could look for work and have a steady paycheck without the headaches that come with running a business."

The flood of thoughts and questions seemed to make my desire to go on my own dull, dark, pervasive. To some extent, I also felt selfish for wanting to start my own business, for taking such an enormous risk. Yet, risk taking has been part of my character. Starting a business is just another risk to get to the next milestone in life.

It was a risky undertaking starting a life in a new country, learning a new language, adopting to the nuances of a new culture. Most us are fearful of risk, some of us embrace it, it is our secure ground and we thrive in it. We step into the unknown, we carve a new path in a dense territory because we dream big, we want to see our dreams realized to the extent that our abilities and capabilities allow us, but also, we find it necessary to expand to grow.

Part of our character is also being ok with falling. The arena's where we have been have taught us that when we receive the blows we not only strike back but also may be knocked down. We just have learned to rise again may be we may lose in one arena but we don't stop stepping in to the next one. We rise. We engage wholeheartedly.

This is our territory, and starting a business is part of the terrain we have carved. As a result, if you are in earnest thinking about starting your business, and hear a little or loud voice shouting "Have you lost your mind?!" rest assured you are not. You may just be operating wholeheartedly in your territory and may be suffering of a dream so big that you just have to see it realized. Go for it!

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