"Don't stray from the path" it's not only for Little Red

You may be wondering what does mother's advice in Little Red Riding Hood have anything to do with Government Contracts. Well, it is the sort of advise we tend to apply to caution of the dangers ahead.

Is then government contracting a dangerous undertaking? It depends. I am not to write a scary story of the likes of Edgar Allen Poe, that is not my intention. Nor do I want to lead you in believing that all is doom and gloom. But the reality is this: there is a dark side in government contracting that you should be aware as you prepare to engage in this area and it has to do with the consequences of finding oneself in a position where you may have done a wrong that in other commercial circumstances may not be so.

When that occurs the consequences can be detrimental to you and to your business. What you do not know can truly harm you and, if the fairytale is any help in this instance, there won't be a hunter to slay the wolf. There will be lawyers that you will need to call immediately when the government contractor comes knocking on your door, but it is best to not have to make that call. It is, then necessary, for your own sanity and that of your business that before engaging with the government to find out what can harm you or how you can harm yourself.

While the process of doing business with the government is relatively simple, the road ahead invites for nightmares if you stray from the path of regulations the government has in place to protect its interest.

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