News Flash: Export Controls Update

Software classified and license required under EAR

Today, January 6, 2020, the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) published an interim rule amending Export Administration Regulation (EAR) making certain items subject to EAR and imposing license requirement for the export and reexport of those items to all destinations, except Canada. This rule classifies software specially designed to automate the analysis of geospacial imagery under ECCN 0Y521 series, specifically under ECCN 0D521. BIS adds this item to the 0Y521 series of ECCNs upon a determination by the Department of Commerce, with the concurrence of the Departments of Defense and State, and other agencies as appropriate, that the items warrant control for export because the items may provide a significant military or intelligence advantage to the United States or because foreign policy reasons justify control, pursuant to the ECCN 0Y521 series procedures. Comments must be received by March 6, 2020. [Docket No. 191217–0116] 85 FR 30, Jan. 6, 2020

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